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New regulations on textiles exported to South Korea

Date: June 18, 2015 at 11:57

In order to ensure the safety of infants and children, South Korea recently issued a draft amendment to the textile safety and quality labeling standards, which stipulates that the use of nickel heavy metals in textiles is restricted, warning signs are required on flammable pajamas, and children's products The packaging bag used restricts the use of phthalate plasticizers.

Zhanjiang is the largest cotton textile production and processing base in Guangdong and one of the main bases of cotton textile production and processing in China. To this end, the inspection and quarantine department reminds relevant production and trading companies to pay close attention to the possible impact of the new Korean textile regulations, to do product self-inspection in advance according to the technical requirements of the target market, and to actively improve production processes and use of environmentally friendly raw materials. To ensure product quality and safety; when signing a processing contract with a South Korean customer, the company must make clear provisions for product design compliance and responsibility attribution. It is necessary to strengthen the review of the safety design of the customer's sample design. Once customer design defects are found, they should Communicate and modify design plans in a timely manner to ensure compliance with new Korean regulatory requirements; standardize the use of nickel heavy metals, phthalate (ester) plasticizers, and strictly implement new requirements for testing Korean textile safety and quality mark standards to avoid unsafe conditions Necessary economic losses.

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