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Textile and Apparel in Popular Industries in 2012: Finding High-quality Investment Targets

Date: September 25, 2015 at 11:57

Textile and Clothing Industry Strategy Report 2012: Selected Continuous Brand Culture Drives Companies

In 2011, the industry's economic downturn was in line with the expected sharp decline in raw material prices, falling external demand and rising industry operating costs. In 2011, the industry's economic downturn continued to decline. The entry of cotton into a new equilibrium pattern is conducive to the return of the industry to stability. From the cost-benefit ratio of cotton, it is estimated that China's cotton acreage will fall by more than 10% in 2012. Cotton purchase and storage will increase the balance and stability of new cotton prices in the next two years. The bottom of exports is coming, the structural upgrade breeds a new growth paradigm, the export volume has fallen to the bottom of nearly 5 years of history, the industrial structure has been upgraded or a new round of employment-recovery economic growth, a re-understanding of the policy level, and the improvement of the exchange rate environment will promote new A new export growth paradigm focusing on structural upgrading.

Domestic sales of the brand remain high, and consumption upgrades are leading to the overall shrinkage and further distribution of social wealth, rising labor costs, calls for tax and fee reform, and rigidity of consumption will promote the differentiation of brand consumption. The main tone of mid- to high-end consumption is accompanied by policies. Level care for low-end consumption.

Choosing a continuous brand culture to drive the company's low brand concentration, industrial upgrading and remodeling of entrepreneurial ideas will drive future supply to remain abundant. A company with a continuous brand culture and a sound understanding of social responsibility will still be the first choice for investment: the "love home" concept, the "hi" culture, and the wolf totem will continue to upgrade the art and cultural concepts of new and old customers to promote the company's continued growth; The mid-end brands that have experienced frequent surges in raw materials and slumped baptism without losing the brand service concept still have ample room for growth. Sustained brand investment and strong technical reserves determine the quality advantages and rich cultural connotation of the successful export leader companies, and promote the continuous upgrading of growth. (Guoxin Securities)

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