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The Administration Department organized an employee birthday party in October!

日期: 2017年11月1日08:26 Author: Li Date: at 8:26 on November 1, 2017
让每位员工切实感受到博弈大家庭的温暖,公司行政部于2017年10月21日在四楼培训室举办了10月份员工生日会活动,行政部同事早早的 到达会场,精心装扮现场,气球、彩带、铝膜字母气球,一次性生日帽一个都不能少,现场装扮地温馨愉悦;另外还准备了炸鸡翅、炒面、 葡萄、苹果、西瓜、红酒、可乐、果汁等丰富食品,供各位寿星尽情享用, 下午15:00整,随着现场优美欢快的音乐,40多位受邀前来 参加生日Party寿星和助兴的同事,欢聚在四楼培训室。 In order to enhance the cohesion of the company team, increase the sense of belonging of employees, promote the construction of the company's corporate culture, form a good corporate centripetal force and cohesion, promote employee awareness and communication, and let each employee feel the warmth of the gaming family, the company's administrative department in 2017 On October 21st, the employees ’birthday party in October was held in the training room on the fourth floor. The colleagues from the administrative department arrived at the venue early and carefully decorated the scene. Balloons, ribbons, aluminum-letter balloons, and one-off birthday hats were all needed. The dress is warm and pleasing; in addition, we have prepared a variety of foods such as fried chicken wings, fried noodles, grapes, apples, watermelons, red wine, cola, fruit juice, etc. for you to enjoy, 15:00 in the afternoon, with the beautiful and cheerful music on site, 40 Many colleagues invited to birthday party Shouxing and Zhuxing gathered in the training room on the fourth floor. Sign in under the guidance of the host to receive a beautiful birthday gift.
爆炸声音,各位寿星千姿百态,使劲浑身解数,经过激烈的角逐,冠军终于诞生了,主持人宣布所有参与热身游戏的人均可领取小公仔一个. Then the colorful game session kicked off. The first game was crazy stepping on balloons. As soon as the host started, all birthday stars swarmed. There was a crackling balloon explosion. Everyone lived in a variety of poses. The competition was finally born, and the host announced that all people participating in the warm-up game can receive a small doll.
The second game is Heli Blowing Balloons. There are 3 people in each group. A total of 4 groups of people participate. The host prepares 3 tags (mouth, hand, butt). Those who get the exclusive tag can only use the part of the tag to handle the balloon. , The participating groups
Working together, we are bound to win the championship. After a few rounds, we finally separated the winners and the winners each received a prize (umbrella).
,每组选出一个队长,然后主持人会告诉队长需要支援什么东西,各小组成员开始到处寻找主持人需要的东西,城里人也是真会玩,鞋子、手机、皮带、订书针、 计算器、牙签、长尾夹都成为了游戏道具,现场一片混乱和狼藉,混乱到什么程度呢? The third game is fighting in the front and supporting in the rear. Each group has 5 people and a total of 3 groups participate . Each group selects a team leader. Then the host will tell the team leader what to support. Each group member starts to look for the host's needs. Things, people in the city also really play. Shoes, mobile phones, belts, staples, calculators, toothpicks, and tail clips have become game props. The scene was chaotic and messy. To what extent? 冠军团队产生了,主持人给冠军小组成员发放了奖品(蓝牙音箱). Even Xiaobian's belts were dragged down to death by female colleagues. After the unremitting efforts of each group member, the champion team was created, and the host gave prizes (bluetooth speakers) to the champion group members.
手机一部,惊不惊喜? The fourth ultimate game grab stools brought the event to a climax. A total of 15 people participated in the competition and one person was selected. The prize is a Huawei mobile phone. Are you surprised? Not surprised? 一男一女两位同事,经过友好协商,按照江湖规矩,石头剪刀布决出了胜负,幸运儿为拓展部的唐乐琪同事;以为到这里就结束了? The participating partners have not yet ignited, and the sound of music has begun. The participating partners have started to circle around the stool excitedly. After several rounds of elimination, there are only one man and two women colleagues. After friendly consultation, follow the rivers and lakes. As a rule, the rock-paper-scissors decided the winner. The lucky one was Tang Leqi, a colleague of the Development Department; thought it was over here? 气球还藏有玄机,各位寿星带上生日帽,插上牙签,蹦蹦跳跳的戳破气球,获取领奖券,兑换属于博弈人的“一阳指、九阴真经、天龙八部”个性化笔记本。 NO, NO, NO The balloon on top of the ceiling still has mystery hidden in it. Everyone wears a birthday hat, plugs in a toothpick, pops the balloon, gets a voucher, and redeems the "Yiyangzhi, "Jiuyin Zhenjing, Tianlong Babu" personalized notebook.
After the game, the company ’s birthday cake for the birthday stars came out. The family sang a birthday blessing song together while eating the cake while sharing joy. The focus shot left the birthday stars of this birthday party.
The group photo put a perfect end to the birthday party, and the family members were filled with happy smiles.

Photos of the event

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